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Drunk step mother • Category: Mother Sex Stories

Drunk step motherMy name is Steve and I am of 19 years and my stepmother was 24yo. I stand 5'11" above the ground and have a good built, however not of a footballer. Most people enjoy my company and I get around well with both, boys and girls. My parents broke up when I was 12 and my father sent me to a hostel. I studied there for 4 years after which I again started living with my father when I was 16 or 17 years old. Our relationship developed into a mature one and I started looking forward to him not only as a father but also as a friend and a guide. Three months back my father married a girl Betty. I say girl because she was just 24 and looked even younger than that. She was very short and had a petite frame. At 5'3" she still looked like another high school student and could easily pass as one. But only a few days after the marriage, my father was promoted and had to immediately leave for Britain.
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Just a back rub • Category: Mother Sex Stories

Just a back rubMy names Jason, I'm 18 yrs old, my mom calls me Jay, I have a mom, sister, and a dad. Let me first describe my mom. A not too tall lady, with huge breasts. She is overweight but only a slight bit and carries it well. She has darker hair that's getting a few gray hairs, but not at all noticeable from a distance. And now on to the story. I was downstairs in the basement checking my mail late in the evening when my mother came down. She asked for a back rub, but then again that wasn't out of the ordinary. I stood up from the desk and she cleared the work table. Being in only pink cotton panties and a nightshirt, she wasn't hardly dressed. I was in only boxers and an undershirt. I always gave mom backrubs while she was bent over, being that it was more comfortable for both of us and allowed me good shots of her pussy and ass.
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Rape my mother • Category: Mother Sex Stories

Rape my motherFucking mom I'm 25 years old. I'm a regular viewer and would like to share my story with you all. this story is about me and my mom pretty who is around 36 years and just mind blowing, gorgeous with large tits. My father is a charted accountant, so my cousin had brought a file from his dad. We reached there place in afternoon and came to know that my dad was out of town and would be returning after a week or so. We were a bit disappointed as we had some work with him but still we managed to hang on as we planned to stay for another three to four days. After we had dinner we decided to watch TV. I got in bed beside mom who was at time wearing a sari and started touching her belly which I used to do very often with her. at first she resisted a bit but then gave in. I started caressing her belly. After some time my cousin got up and said that he is going to sleep in the next room on which mom said that we both can sleep in her room it won't be any problem. We both agreed to it and said that we are going to change our dress. I changed my dress, just went and laid my self down on the bed.
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