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David and Sandra both love his mother • Category: Forbidden Love Sex Stories

David and Sandra both love his motherMy name is Shannon, and I work for an affluent college just outside of Chicago. I recently turned 30 years old, and have been single for the majority of my life. Admittedly, it's been an easy way to go for me and my finances since my parents were well off ever since I can remember. In fact, their large, charitable donations to the college landed me the job five years ago. I didn't see the point in working since money was never an issue for us, but now I clearly enjoy having a Monday through Friday job in the bursar's office on campus. I've never lasted longer than a year in any of my relationships, with both men and women. I began experimenting with other women when I was at college-- the very one I work for now. It was the typical "curiosity killed the cat" thing, yet a few relationships proved far more meaningful than others. Not to sound haughty, but I was very proud of my features... Very busty, and lots of curves to explore. My measurements have been virtually identical since I reached my zenith at 25... 38d-30-38. I was given my raven tresses and eyes from my mother, and my abundant features from my father. And I also inherited a shapely, full backside from my dear Mother, whom, even to this day, is a complete and total knockout.
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Ashley and Stephanie fuck Ben • Category: Forbidden Love Sex Stories

Ashley and Stephanie fuck BenBen sat at his desk with his head down in the middle of an empty classroom. He was in trouble and didn't know why. It was already half an hour after school had been let out and he was still in his last period class. He just sighed tiredly and waited. He was waiting for when Mrs. Darien would allow him to go. He didn't understand why she gave him detention. It was the last day of his senior year and at the last second before the bell rang, she said to him, "Ben? Please stay in your seat." He did what she asked but was very confused. She explained to him that he had a detention that still needed to be done before he could leave for the year. As the other students were leaving he heard the usual 'oooohhhs' and 'uummmms' as if he were in deep shit. But Ben was a good student, he never did anything inappropriate that warranted a detention. He hardly ever spoke, being as shy as he was. He had asked Mrs. Darien what this was for, but she dismissed it like he should've remembered. Ben slowly dropped his backpack down to the floor and sat back down. He had wanted to say goodbye to those friends on his bus route before graduation. After all, not all of those riding were seniors. Ben's head was resting on his arms, which were folded, across his desk. He quietly peeked up at the front of the classroom.
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Brenda and some boys likes brother Robert • Category: Forbidden Love Sex Stories

Brenda and some boys likes brother Robert"This is ridiculous," I thought, standing outside St. Joseph's cottage waiting for Brother Robert to answer my knock. "What excuse can I give for coming by this time. Surely by now he's aware that these frequent meetings with him to talk about the boys on his work crew are contrived and unnecessary." My sister told me I was crazy and said I was setting myself up for a put down. "Girl please! What makes you think that white boy wants any of your brown ass, and him a brother besides?" Maybe she's right, this is just an impossible fantasy that I've set up, knowing it can never happen. But still, I can't stop the excitement that comes over me whenever I see him on campus. It happened the first time I saw him, this very striking man in his early 30's dressed entirely in black, running across the lawn to break up a fight between two of the boys on his grounds-keeping crew. As he grabbed one of the boys who was swinging a rake, I could see the firm wiry muscles tense in his arms and the blue green veins swell. He disarmed the boy and was restraining him from behind in a basket hold, with veins and muscles bulging even more from his sweat-dripping arms and I found myself wishing I was this shirtless youth cradled in Brother Robert's arms.
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My cock between her legs • Category: Forbidden Love Sex Stories

My cock between her legsIt was near the last night on the fire. The large wildland fire had burned for 12 days but the end was at hand. The few crews still working the fire lines had already eaten and headed to bed. I was soon to follow after some paperwork and a shower. The kitchen crew was busy packing up after the evening meal and would be heading off to another fire a few states away. I was sitting all alone at the table when she walked inÂ… still smudge faced from a hard day on the line, but with a smile that lit up the night. She plopped down right across from me with a weary but cheery hello. "Howdy" I replied. "Aren't you a bit late getting in tonight?"
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Persuading shy mom to pose • Category: Forbidden Love Sex Stories

Persuading shy mom to poseIt was a normal birthday for me. The weather was wet and horrible, and I came home to an empty house. It was Friday, 5pm, and I knew my Mother would be home in a few minutes. Hopefully with the present I had asked for. A new digital camera. I had gotten interested in photography and cinematography a few months earlier, fascinated with capturing images of beauty in anything and everything. Unfortunately, my Father was away on business for the whole week, so was going to miss my birthday. So, just me and my Mom alone for the evening. Not that I minded, it meant I could spend time with my new camera. I was sitting on the couch for about five minutes when I heard the front door open, and my Mother's voice. 'Eeewwwwww, it's horrible out' she said as I heard the door swing shut behind her. 'Dan, are you home?' 'Yeah Mom, I'm in here' I answered. She strode into the room, wearing her black skirt suit and white blouse, her heels knocking loudly on the wooden floors. She was holding something behind her back, and had a playful look on her face. She leaned over, kissed my cheek and said 'Happy birthday honey' and made a big show of pulling the camera box from behind her back. 'Tah-Dah'. 'Thanks Mom' I said 'It's just what I wanted'. I opened the box quickly and pulled it out. A top of the line digital camera, capable of recording video also. 'So you like it?' She asked.
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Seduced by my sons friend Theresa • Category: Forbidden Love Sex Stories

Seduced by my sons friend TheresaMy sons friend Theresa was living with us for awhile because of trouble at home. She is 20. My wife and I both in our late forties thought of her as an adopted daughter and so we never gave much thought to who was home and who wasn't everyone came and went as they needed. I had never really thought of her sexually although she is very attractive and has a sexy body that I am now aware of. First let me say this actually happened and even though I didn't mean for it to I am not unhappy with the outcome.
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